Blue Sabbath – Fuck You

Release date: 12-12-2021
Format: Cassette (CS)

Electronic musician born on September 22, 1998.
He started his career in the vaporwave scene as Kolor, but is currently creating all kinds of rock music using only a DAW with additional VST plugins. He also makes different kinds of music under many aliases.

“Te gek!”

New York Times
1Ja Toch?2:48
3Highway A12 Anecdote3:38
5Box (Hugo)1:58
6Ik Ben Stout2:35
7Calling A Random Number1:12
8Bike In HeadWritten-By – Henk Hofstede2:23
9Het Tafelblad0:30
11Guitar Lessons With Mr. Kissing 310:02
12Niet Dan?3:33